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e-qo is a global network of people committed to accelerate the transition to a new market economy that is inclusive and green.

The NGO , founded in 2009, is made up of scholars, researchers and volunteers who promote transparent initiatives in partnership with all kinds of public and private, institutional and corporate stakeholders in order to achieve the objectives and challenges of the green economy.

e-qo is an open organisation that proves – through its work – to understand the different languages ​​of politics, market and society: the European Union, NGOs, research centers, associations, universities and think tanks contribute to change the social values ​​and to develop a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility of society towards environmental matters.

Being a source of information, enables e-qo to act as a job-maker: those who take part in e-qo projects and activities are not simply looking for a job, but they seek support to build  a career  thanks to field experience and the improvement of personal skills.