E-qo è un'organizzazione non governativa italiana indipendente, accreditata al Parlamento europeo che opera a Bruxelles per promuovere iniziative nei diversi campi delle nuove economie verdi. La missione è divulgare la conoscenza delle materie ambientali per incentivare percorsi di carriera  nei green jobs.
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In a time where media and the social networks aggregate groups of people in a fast and impersonal way, e-qo works to create a green community of individuals with strong competences and solid motivations.
e-qo operates to promote relationships, participation and knowledge through its various initiatives; by dealing independently in political, social and institutional matters, e-qo creates an immersive atmosphere of consensus and proactivity.
e-qo researchers find passion and entertainment in the NGO initiatives and projects.
People are linked together because they share a common belief: they work to generate a movement of valuable initiatives which grow with the support of the NGO followers.