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Energy efficiency and climate change

Climate-Energy Package 20-20-20 is one of the operational tools that the European Union has created to implement the ten-year strategy which is based on a smart, sustainable and inclusive vision. The expected results should act as a catalyst to initiate a significant change in the way sustainable production and consumption take place and also to develop a technological competence.
Climate-Energy Package 20-20-20 has three objectives:
20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
the achievement of 20 % of its energy released from renewable sources
a 20% improvement in energy efficiency ( EE) .
It represents an ambitious project that aims to jointly mobilize citizens, policy makers and market players, to redefine the concept of economic development, through the provision of policy lines ranging from encouraging investment in renewable energies, to the application of rules on labeling applicable to products, to improved services and infrastructure.
e-qo collaborates with businesses, energy  companies and public institutions to encourage energy efficiency and to replace fossil fuels with renewable ones, looking for innovative methods and sources of funding for their implementation.
e-qo acts in this field as certification of skills and builder of relationships, but does not handle the economic activities that result from projects. It receives in exchange a payment in kind for the support of its  activities.

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