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 Advocacy and Green Lobbying

The Green Economy- in order to assert equity and sustainability- imposes a comparison among all institutional, economic and social parties.
Environmental policies are made of shared actions that aggregate and enhance the enthusiasm of a community.
e-qo, like other European NGOs, takes part to the European discussions on the role of green economy, environment, industry, employment, agriculture, services, using its role as a facilitator among stakeholders, trying to interact with the institutions and representatives of various interest groups. The absolute independence allows e-qo to take independent positions.
e-qo works with all green-oriented organizations in order to raise the issue of the green economy on the agenda in the common European policy, working to ensure that the legislation and regulations are always in line with an efficient use of resources.
These are the areas of the NGO green advocacy and lobbying actions : e-qo is engaged in sharing valuable information, good access and knowledge that allow access to the decision-making process.
e-qo works in this field as certificator of professional skills and builder of relationships, but does not handle the economic activities that result from projects. It receives in exchange a payment in kind for the support of its  activities.

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