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What we do

e-qo is an Italian non – governmental organization (NGO) that is politically independent and accredited to the European Parliament; e.qo operates as an active link between the EU institutions, businesses and citizens to meet the challenges of global sustainability , with support of actions and intervention in various areas of expertise.

e-qo believes that the shift to a green economy can happen through win-win scenarios , in which all parties involved work in the same direction for the pursuit of common interests. e-qo role is precisely to contribute to create conditions of aggregation and relationship.
Different background experiences in the public and private sectors urge  e.qo researchers to combine the operational and professional procedures of the consultancy sector with those in use in the non-profit sector: e-qo researchers in fact believe that information and awareness campaigns should be enhanced by professional interventions in the fields of law, economics and technology.

e,qo promotes independent actions by trying to make the whole industry attractive for the green economy and by connecting public interests and collective global sustainability with economic sustainability in the market.
e-qo’s  different  initiatives in the field of green economy,  in theoretical and applied research projects , seminars and events, are used to promote green best practices with implications for ecological, social and economic issues. e.qo intends to be an active part of the change towards the creation of a different economy and society.