E-qo è un'organizzazione non governativa italiana indipendente, accreditata al Parlamento europeo che opera a Bruxelles per promuovere iniziative nei diversi campi delle nuove economie verdi. La missione è divulgare la conoscenza delle materie ambientali per incentivare percorsi di carriera  nei green jobs.
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European Project Planning 

Europe is the center of debate and a hub for decision-making.
Its role affects the behavior of actors in all national markets, increasingly aware of the need of a U-turn towards sustainable development. In order to fully grasp the challenge of sustainability, extensive information are required by governmental agencies, private companies and citizens.
The European Union – in pursuing the objectives of an efficient use of resources as envisaged in the Action Plan 2050 – supports numerous funds and programs.
e-qo professionals offer support in terms of expertise and relationships to organizations and companies that aim to improve their environmental sustainability by applying to European funding and public contracts. They support the organization in all technical and administrative procedures in order to access the funds and find, when necessary, private and institutional partners, so to fully implement the project.
The different fields of e-qo application and competence are the following ones:
energy efficiency
low-carbon economy
social policy
green marketing and communication
e.qo mainly builds relationships and does not handle the economic activities that result from projects. It receives in exchange a payment in kind for the support of its activities.

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