E-qo è un'organizzazione non governativa italiana indipendente, accreditata al Parlamento europeo che opera a Bruxelles per promuovere iniziative nei diversi campi delle nuove economie verdi. La missione è divulgare la conoscenza delle materie ambientali per incentivare percorsi di carriera  nei green jobs.
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Sustainable fashion

The concept of ​​sustainability now applies more and more to the processes of textile production, clothing and luxury goods.
e-qo aims to describe the distinctive elements that should be put in place by a company that produces sustainable fashion and therefore the values ​​and strategies that should delineate its identity.
The NGO operates as a driver for the development of interventions on technological innovations, to support the penetration of fashion products in domestic and foreign markets, and to launch productions that could be beneficial for the community and the territory where the company operates.
e-qo illustrates the concept of sustainability in its applications across various segments of the fashion supply chains, from design to production, from the supply chain to the final consumers. e-qo intends to support Italian fashion and promote it worldwide.

For Italian and European fashion companies to operate in the context of ethical responsibility and in compliance with regulations is no longer enough. Being sustainabe has become a necessity.

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