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e-qo produces and welcomes concepts that develops with its team of researchers and partners; each project, which is closely related to environmental policy issues, creates an opportunity for social communication and curricular experience. The consistency of such projects is measured by the interest and the support on the side of institutions and private companies; the expectation is that every project put in place by e-qo becomes a “stand-alone product” capable of dealing with the institutions and the market. In this sense, e-qo acts as a facilitator and incubator, without being involved in economic and financial matters.

Progetto Sprekon


Sprekon is an educational project in the form of a board game designed for young people.
e.qo supports it as partner and facilitator.
Sprekon was presented for the first time at the European Parliament in Brussels December 7, 2013 by Nino Pellacani, the founder of Zonamista .

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eqoreThe Convention between e.qo and the City of Sasso Marconi has prompted our NGO to imagine various forms of evolution that this collaboration can accrue.

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It is one of e.qo original initiative aimed at enhancing and promoting one of the best Italian food practices; it consists of an action to enhance transparency and to promote cultural, non-commercial knowledge. Pasta al pomodoro® is a national excellence that has found in the European Parliament in Brussels a natural launch and outreach.

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Creazione di una piattaforma online sui green jobs, che offra opportunità di accesso a programmi di stage e tirocinio per giovani volontari interessati ad esperienze professionali di primario rilievo curriculare nei settori food della gren economy, grazie alla capacità di fund raising del sito…

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Il progetto “eco manifatture” nasce dalla necessità di valorizzare e fare conoscere il patrimonio di attività economiche, commerciali e creative legate alle produzioni di eco-manifatture presenti nel territorio delle città italiane.

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