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Sustainable fashion and eco manufactures


The ” Sustainable Fashion and eco manufactures project” aims to promote and spread knowledge on the wealth of activities and creativity related to the production of eco- handicrafts in Italian cities.
It is an initiative designed to aggregate operators and to raise awareness about the quality of thinking and producing in a sustainable way. Specifically, it consists in promoting actions of listening, understanding and sharing of information through interviews with experts. The aim is to bring to light the ideas, aspirations and capabilities that underlie the production of eco clothing, accessories and design objects.
The project has its own specific focus on those activities that combine in an original way sustainability, tradition and design.
Fashion and respect for the environment, coworking, ethics and aesthetics are the key words that drive, territory by territory, the search to discover shops, ateliers, shops, individual laboratories of designers and stylists.
The aim is to get to have a composite mosaic of economic and social narrative supported by a scientific research method which values innovation and creativity in the field of green fashion and design.

e-qo has several experiences in the implementation of projects and actions that create a sense of community and belonging. This project is a statement about eco lifestyles and a way to create value for the entire fashion sector; it aims to create an active exchange among operators and consumers, involving artisans, shopkeepers and citizens to confront things like ” product story ” and “value of manufacturing .” A conjunction of scientific rigor and direct testimony will give life to an authentic project with prominent social and cultural meanings.