E-qo è un'organizzazione non governativa italiana indipendente, accreditata al Parlamento europeo che opera a Bruxelles per promuovere iniziative nei diversi campi delle nuove economie verdi. La missione è divulgare la conoscenza delle materie ambientali per incentivare percorsi di carriera  nei green jobs.
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The shift towards a green economy is connected with knowledge; e-qo produces papers and memoranda, publications and events and organizes conferences, seminars, meetings among social and economic partners.
Events aim at improving the sharing of knowledge about environmental policies and sustainable economics, lifestyles  and business behavior.
The contributions of e-qo to educational projects consist in providing  tools for a better understanding of the green economy, in the framework of the 3 parameters indicated by the European legislator: authorities, enterprises and market.
The various promotional activities represent themselves educational actions: e-qo has been established to give place and connect a community of professionals with diverse backgrounds.