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In Italy

The domestic activities promoted by e-qo are designed to create and stimulate a bottom up conscious participation  by involving the citizens in informative activities. Data analysis, sample interviews, production of scientific papers are made available for free by e-qo researchers.

The stable alliance with the municipality of Sasso Marconi – endorsed by a formal agreement – allows e-qo to test a format of best practices. As a network of people connected by strong motivation, e-qo researchers try to intercept topics of interest, so to enhance discussion  through the involvement of  public authorities, businesses and stakeholders.

e-qo activities are supported by sponsors who cover the publishing, promotional and research costs of the projects, as well as by corporations and professional companies that often offer employment to researchers. e-qo’s mission is in fact to create conditions of information flow among stakeholders: the skills of e-qo researchers must be considered as an intellectual fluid able to ease the complexity of the green economy.

By choice, e-qo does not work with public funds, but in partnership with private stakeholders , without taking any entrepreneurial role: e-qo aggregates added value  in a few selected projects by showing that content can be shared in terms of ethics, sustainability and consistency.

Such set of activities enables the creation of a green community where anyone can  make use of the network of expertise and relationships put in place by e-qo to implement initiatives, provided such initiatives fall within the spirit and universal inspiration of e-qo: people for  people.