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E-qore – Casa Europa


The agreement between e-qo and the municipality of Sasso Marconi has prompted the NGO to imagine various forms of evolution that this collaboration can accrue.
Among them, E-qore – Casa Europa.

There is a need to collect and disseminate good practices in Europe in the fields of energy, construction, industry and waste services in order to develop social responsibility policies and practices that can enhance business efficiency, reuse, recycling and recovery.
e-qo operates as a structure responsible for training professionals to start green jobs independently: aim of e-qore Casa Europa is to stimulate the growth of skills through applied research, consulting and direct training.
The project will have to prove it can sustain itself over time; public funds can’t support its launch and cover overhead costs. e-qo should therefore find a business partner with whom to share the mission and the value of the initiative.

The structural part of the project involves the construction of an eco-village –a set of structures that respects the environment and the people, proposes an original model of cohabitation and shares the values of ecology and sustainability by saving soil.
At the base of the project there is the will to create attractive conditions for operators and supporters of the green economy that can ” live the profession “, either  as condominiums homes or as partners of the center. Casa Europa intends to create a link among people  by building a model similar to the collective experiences of the 70s : the sharing the professional competence enables the creation of economic value that has also a social impact.
The characteristic feature of Casa Europa is not only to be conceived as a static green building, but to develop activities. E-qore seeks to identify and support the creation of a functional aggregation of people, residents and partners -supporters.

The project places great emphasis on human capital. The general idea is that some professionals involved in the launch of the project can cover some of the costs through the provision of work, thanks to preferential relationships with lending institutions and agreements involved with the business side of the project.
The municipality is the first beneficiary of the activities of the center as well as its sponsors, in order to disseminate  and share good practices with other municipalities / regions, or even with other states.
Casa Europa’s aim is to combine a variety of uses. The objective is to create a settlement with a significant value so to aggregate and implement the functions of a central building, in form and substance.
Casa Europa will take shape in the elaboration of the designers (through competitive selection of ideas involving groups of young architects, researchers, students). The buildings will contain spaces for teaching, office and open spaces, recreational spaces, a kitchen, one outdoor space, a vegetable garden and a cellar. One of the main activities that Casa Europa intends to develop is fund-raising.